Ideal for all visitors of the Valley of Gran San Bernardo and the region of Valle d’Aosta, the Abri is located in a calm and sunny village of the valley called Echevennoz, close to the seat of the region called Aosta, millennial town of the Romans as well as the geographical centre of Valle d’Aosta.

From this gracious mountain village you can go to a close by borough called Etroubles visiting la via francigena, the library, the Church and the Colle del G.S. Bernardo (the mountain pass of G.S. Bernardo), the shelter of ancient pilgrims as well as the main passage to Switzerland.

The Abri may become the point of your departure when visiting the Valle d’Aosta with its countless natural and historical beauties, including the town of Aosta, many castles such as Fenis and Saint-Pierre, the Valley of Gran Paradiso with its wonderful national park, as well as municipalities, narrow streets and corners to satisfy your curiosity in our famous mountainous region.


In summer the brisk wind of the mountains and forests, just where the Abri is situated, leads you in many excursions starting from here; it follows you in your walks or bicycle rides or simply helps you enjoy the deserved rest on a deck chair.

Chapel Etroubles, winter panorama
Summer panoramaEtroubles, winter panorama
Etroubles, summer panorama Winter panorama
Panorama invernale

Being the queen of winter, the snow gives an opportunity to speed lovers make use of a small and sunny close-by place called Crevacol or such resort places as Pila, Courmayeur, Cervinia and La Thuile; lovers of Nordic skiing have a possibility to enjoy the nearby tracks of a tourist area called Flassin.

Adventure lovers can find close-by picnic and football areas, golf and tennis fields, horse riding manages, indoor swimming pools and figure skating ice.

We would like to thank the Municipality of Etroubles and the AIAT Gran San Bernardo for providing us with a few photos published.

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